Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation


The Lord will be faithful

Dear friends,

Fifty years ago, a handful of pastors joined together to answer a practical question, “How can our pastoral counseling bring the personal touch of those gracious truths that Scripture, preaching, and worship express?” They took a first step and founded CCEF. Those pastors counseled every Monday at a local church, and then talked over their cases to help each other grow in wisdom.

We’ve grown a lot since then—students all over the world, books on counseling topics, an annual conference, the Journal of Biblical Counseling, and counseling six days a week. We’ve grown one step at a time. And now biblical counseling ministries are springing up all over the world. It is “fifty years and counting.” What’s next?

Although we recognize that God never reveals his entire roadmap for our lives, between now and the close of 2018, we will be sharing a number of next steps we believe God has laid out for us in developing our counseling, our resources, and our teaching. Please follow along on our website to hear from our ministry teams. God is up to good things!

I invite you to join us by taking your next step. What is the next step for you in getting involved in the ministries of CCEF? Perhaps it’s reading one of our new books. Could it be telling your pastor about the Journal of Biblical Counseling? Maybe it’s taking a class or attending our national conference next year.

What would the next step be for you in supporting the ministries of CCEF? Is it praying for us? Spreading the word to friends? Giving financially? Giving monthly?

Every step makes a difference. Fifty years of growth didn’t happen in one great leap forward. It took thousands of individual steps by thousands of involved people for biblical counseling to become what it is. Will you take a step forward with us?