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Fall 2017 Online Course Registration

  • Registration will open shortly! We appreciate your patience as we make some changes to our system.
  • To see a list of courses we will offer this Fall and pricing information, click here.
  • To read course descriptions of our courses, click here.
  • If you are a new student, please note that you will start with Dynamics of Biblical Change.

Online FAQS

Do I need to be logged in at a certain time to participate in the lectures?

Each week, you will watch or listen to a pre-recorded lecture. Though your weekly assignments are due by a certain date, you are free to watch or listen to your lecture at any time during the week that is conducive to your schedule. Some course, such as Helping Relationships and Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor, do require live small group meetings with other students that you will arrange based on your group’s availability.

When does the next semester begin?

We have three semesters per year: Spring (starting in January), Summer (starting in May), and Fall (starting in September). Each semester runs approximately 13 weeks. The Fall 2017 semester will begin September 6.

When are your registration deadlines?

Our approximate deadlines are as follows:

Spring: December 15
Summer: April 15
Fall: August 15

These deadlines are subject to change. For the most accurate information, see the notes next to each semester’s heading on this registration page. Courses fill up prior to the deadlines, so register early!

I missed the registration deadline! Can I still register for a course?

We do offer a waiting list for courses immediately following our deadline if we still have space available. If a waiting list is available after a registration deadline, a link will be posted on this registration page. We do NOT accept registrations past the waiting list period.

What is the difference between credit and audit?

Credit students complete weekly assignments and receive graded feedback. They are also eligible to earn CCEF certificates representing a completed course of study.

Audit students have the freedom to watch lectures and complete reading and writing assignments at their own pace for up to six months. However, auditors do not submit any work for grading or have access to a Recitation Instructor. While we encourage auditors to participate in community boards, we do not include auditors in small groups in Helping Relationships. Audited courses do not count towards a certificate.

What is the price for an online course?

$599 for a 3-credit course; $415 for a 2-credit course. All courses are 3 credit hours, with the exception of Counseling in the Local Church, Counseling and Physiology, Counseling Observation, and Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor, which are 2 credit hours. You can audit a course for 50% off of the credit price. At this time, students are not able to audit Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor. These fees do not include required textbooks.

Do you offer financial aid or discounts?

CCEF is unfortunately not able to offer any scholarships or grants. However, we do have special discounts available for families and church groups of four or more.

Family members living in the same household and who take the same class for credit within a year may receive a family discount of 50% off of one registration. Contact Student Services to receive a registration coupon code for this discount.

For more information on church group discounts, contact Student Services.

May I pay for my course in installments or by check?

CCEF is unable to accept payment for courses in installments or checks. Payment must be received in full in order to reserve your space in a course.

Do any of the courses have prerequisites?

Dynamics of Biblical Change is a prerequisite to all other courses in the program. Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor and Counseling Observation also require Helping Relationships (in addition to Dynamics of Biblical Change) as a prerequisite.

Which course should I take after Dynamics of Biblical Change?

Although there is not a required sequence after Dynamics of Biblical Change, many students choose to continue working on courses within the Foundations certificate. Helping Relationships is a popular course to take next. If you have further questions, please contact Student Services.

I would like to register a church group to take a course together. What is the best way to proceed?

We are thrilled that you would like to take a church group through a course! Please contact Student Services well before the registration deadline so that we can assist you with your registration. Church groups have an earlier registration deadline than individual students.

What are the technical requirements for taking a CCEF online course?

We strongly recommend that you have access to and experience with a desktop or laptop (not just an iPad or mobile device) with internet access, as well as Microsoft Word or a word processor that can export files in a .doc or .docx format. We recommend using Google Chrome for your browser when accessing the SBC Online classroom.