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A Poem from Nan Powlison

Author: Date: December 28, 2015


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By: Nan Powlison

If you have ever been to a great Broadway show you realize that more than 3/4 of the expertise and effort is going on backstage. All the people in lighting, costume and scenery, props, make-up and prompting, even the director are not visible to the audience during a show. Then the play comes and goes in an hour or so, but the backstage people have been working for months, maybe years, to make this play happen.

Well, I don’t see many of you often. That’s because I am backstage. But I really don’t mind at all. I have lots to do and I am thankful. Just as the majority of you are working backstage, making sure that the CCEF show goes on.

As I thought further about this metaphor, I thought of Jesus’ life and death for us on the cross as the greatest “backstage” effort that ever happened. Not only was He born backstage, and lived much of His life backstage, He died a lonely death on a hill outside the city—very much backstage. But through His death He reknit Paradise and redeemed all of creation. This show of power and grace makes Barnum & Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth” look like kindergarten show and tell.

I can’t wait for that day when He comes into His Glory, because it won’t be just Him alone taking a bow under the flood lights. He wants all of us “backstage people” to be up there with Him—His Church. He really wants us there to shine with Him in Glory.

So when you find yourself backstage in the dark trying to figure out a tangle in your wires, or the latest hitch for a computer glitch in your life, remember His Glory day and the final bow that we will all take together—onstage!

Nan Powlison wrote this poem and shared it with the CCEF staff at their annual Christmas Breakfast in December 2015.

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