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Incarnate - a Poem

Author: Date: December 19, 2016

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today may be a heavy place
walking under this fog of suffering and sin:
grief on grief, sorrow on sorrow, we dwell in darkness.

yet we
are people on whom Light shines.
a great light into our blackened, blanketed world
a great redemption, priceless beyond revenue tags:
we’re searching for wonderful this time of year.

and in the empty
a virgin’s body is wracked
she cries out
in sacred uncleanness
a Savior appears,
newborn, helpless child
skin, flesh, and bone human, come to walk with us.

but the light of divinity shines
and those swaddled shoulders carry the weight of the world —
your Wonderful Counselor
when you don’t know where to turn
Mighty God
when it looks as if evil reigns
Everlasting Father
to the orphaned, destitute, brokenhearted
Prince of Peace
to rule all inner and outer turmoils.

this miracle is for you, dear heart:
He has come
Light into darkness,
Hope into despair,
Life into death
to transform our everyday.