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What churches are saying: Redeeming Grace Church

Author: Date: December 18, 2016

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Our local church is indebted to and grateful for the ministry of CCEF. Our understanding and practice of biblical counseling has been shaped through the ministry of CCEF’s Journal of Biblical Counseling, their books, conferences and seminars, and online and intensives courses through the School of Biblical Counseling.

We have received both theologically sound and practical help for serving the members of our church. From challenges in their marriages, parenting, the pain of chronic illness, to name a few, CCEF has equipped us to share the truths of Scripture in a way that strengthens faith and brings hope in the God who is intimately aware of our struggles and has practical answers to meet those struggles in our day-to day lives.

We are grateful for our partnership with CCEF and would encourage other churches to explore how CCEF might help them.

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