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Review of Hebrews, James and I and II Timothy, Jude by Jay E. Adams

Author: Date: January 01, 1996

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Hebrews, James and I and II Timothy, Jude. When God speaks, Adams hears clear, pointed teaching, not vague sentimental talk. No abstract theologizing, no indecision, no ambiguity, no handwringing, no mystical and mystifying flights of religious sentimentality.” Adams’ strengths are refreshing, but need three complementary truths. First, Adams sounds more tough than tender, more the voice of imperatives than the voice of promises. Second, Adams’s stance is to speak as the proclaimer of truth, not the recipient who becomes proclaimer, the counselee who becomes counselor. Third, Adams’s speaks exclusively from the authoritative stance, and does not hedge against authoritarianism nor teach the mutuality and one-anothering that makes up the bulk of counseling in the body of Christ.

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