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Medical Treatments for Depressive Symptoms

Author: Date: January 01, 2000

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“Medical Treatments for Depressive Symptoms:” No biological theory of depression has clear empirical support. Two propositions that seem clear, however. First, antidepressant medication and other physical treatments can lighten symptoms and feelings of depression in some people. “Aspirin is an apt analogy for psychiatric medication in that it can alleviate symptoms, but it doesn’t treat an underlying cause.” Second, some well-known medical diseases can have depressing effects (e.g., Parkinson’s, MS, head trauma, heart disease, etc.). “Depression from a definite medical condition tends to be more simple and rarely includes the hopelessness, suicidal thinking, or self-loathing that are present when depression is, in some way, an expression of the heart.” All depression needs active spiritual ministry that often must address the salvific hopes a person invests in medication, hopes which always disappoint. Sidebar contains reference guide to common psychotropic medications.

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