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Book Review: Can Philosophical Counseling Cure Psychotherapy of Its Medical Pretensions? A Review of Books on Philosophical Counseling

Author: Date: January 01, 1999

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Reviews Essays on Philosophical Counseling (Lahav and Tillmanns), “An Ancient Practice is being Rejuvenated” (Phillips), and The Therapy of Desire (Nussbaum). Philosophical Counseling (PC) has arisen in the past 20 years, resuscitating the practical discipleship of the ancient Greek philosophers. It is a “practicing philosophy” that does counseling. PC also intelligently critiques modern psychotherapy for its pretensions to neutrality and failure to be aware of “the pervasiveness of philosophical moments in therapeutic discourse.” But PC itself claims a value neutrality, the neutrality of Socratic philosophical method rather than the neutrality of scientific method. From a Christian standpoint, PC misses the only true objectivity to bring to counseling: God’s point of view.

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