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The Book of Daniel and Godly Counsel: Part 2

Author: Date: January 01, 1996

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“The Book of Daniel and Godly Counsel: Part 2” Looks first at the model of personality presented in Daniel, a model that treats people as worshipers. “People always put something in the place of God as the ‘truth’ with ultimate defining power.” “Mocking the idols” is one of the most effective ways to confront them. Second, looks at Nebuchadnezzar’s insanity to illustrate the importance of sin in any discussion of normalcy or pathology. “The story teaches more about human self-promotion and hauteur that it does about insanity. The king in his glory, and the king in his ‘schizophrenic’ state, was deranged and in need of counsel.” Third, considers the apocalyptic sections of Daniel as a rich resource for counselors. It is addressed to the imagination, and vividly shows sufferers that hope, power, and control are found in the Most High God.

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