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Authors and Arguments in Biblical Counseling: A Review and Analysis

Author: Date: January 01, 1996

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“Authors and Arguments in Biblical Counseling:” I needed the clarity, beauty, power, insights, and grace that biblical counseling provides, but I also needed apologetic arguments to help convince me it is true and sufficient. The first section looks at various authors who have written defenses of biblical counseling or critiques of modern psychologies (Adams, Vitz, Kilpatrick, Bobgan, Powlison Ganz, Bulkley, Owen, and Almy). Identifies each author’s central concerns and arguments, and the audience that each approach is likely to reach. Identifies three areas where the biblical counseling movement needs to improve its apologetic: the manner and tone needs to be gracious, not belligerent; the arts of persuasion need to be refined; a more consistent presuppositional epistemology needs to control. “Psychology, like any secularized discipline, is both a dangerous catalyst to the church and a target for reinterpretive ministry.”

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