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A Message from David Powlison

Author: Date: December 28, 2015

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Dear friend of CCEF,

God’s beloved Son was born as a man so that we might become beloved sons and daughters. This gift brings much comfort to us as we face the realities of a broken world—filled with sin and suffering. It’s so simple to say, so hard to take to heart.

For 35 years I have been a participant in our ministries of teaching, speaking, counseling, and writing. The truths and graces I seek to communicate in ministry are Scripture’s freely given gifts to me. I share the wisdom that the Spirit gives. As you read Nan’s poem this week, consider her metaphor for how we are all “backstage” doing the work of ministry, even those of us with a public role. Jesus alone is in the spotlight.

And you, too, are backstage with us at CCEF. We give thanks daily for you. You take classes. You seek help. You read a book. You come to a conference. You choose to support our work because you care about what we do.

As we approach the last few days of 2015, please give financially to support our work. Gifts big and small together help us to keep all the backstage ministries going. And pray for us, that we would live in the reality that all we have and do is a gift in Christ.

With gratitude,

David Powlison