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Author: Date: December 07, 2016

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The mission of the Journal of Biblical Counseling (JBC) is to develop clear thinking and effective practice in biblical counseling. We seek to do this through publishing articles that faithfully bring the God of truth, mercy and power to the issues that face pastoral ministries of counseling and discipleship. See subscription options here and Kindle editions here.

“Journal, in our case, means it’s serious. It’s not just a bunch of fluffy stories. It’s about stuff of substance. Our vision of journal is not stuffy, a zillion footnotes, erudite, polysyllabic abstractions put in the passive voice. Our actual model to which we aspire is the kind of writing that the Bible itself exhibits: practical theology. It’s got tons of content but it’s spoken right to people and right to the human heart, and it’s intended to make a difference. Yes, it’s called a journal. But it’s not stuffy and heady. It’s thoughtful, but targeted to real people.”

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What Can You Do When God Seems Far Away?
By: David Powlison

We’ve all experienced times when Scripture seems irrelevant, and when our relationship with God waffles somewhere between distracted, indifferent, and complaining. What can you do about that? David Powlison offers two suggestions. One asks God to do something for you and the other asks you to slow down and notice some things about yourself.

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