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The Gospel for Perfectionists: Twitter Responds

Author: Date: November 08, 2012


Dr. Mike Emlet’s 2012 national conference session on recognizing and overcoming perfectionism was a favorite this year, and attendees had lots to say about it on Twitter:

Emlet on the litmus test for perfectionism: What you do and what you think of God and yourself when you fail. @ccef #ccefcon

“Dealing with perfectionism has more to do with how you respond after you sin than it does with not sinning at all.” –Mike Emlet #ccefcon

“In prayer we are truly affirming: ‘Apart from you, I can do nothing.’” –Mike Emlet #ccefcon

“Perfectionists tend to spend more time talking to themselves than talking to Jesus.” –Mike Emlet #ccefcon

“Make faithfulness your aim, not perfection.” –Mike Emlet #ccefcon

“There is no atonement for failing human standards” Emlet #ccefcon @ccef

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” –Mike Emlet #ccefcon

Being a perfectionist myself & based on tweets from Mike Emlet’s ccefcon session on perfectionism, can’t wait for the audio. @ccef #ccefcon

It was an eye-opening session on the forgiveness and gospel relevance for the struggle of perfectionism. Download the session here, or get all 22 sessions of the 2012 National Conference on Guilt and Shame here and listen everywhere.