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Sex Matters

Author: Date: October 30, 2009

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Sex Matters: When you see the word SEX what is your initial reaction? Do you blush? Cringe? Yawn? Think of your husband or wife? Or do you let your mind wander down an avenue of sordid images?

Would it even occur to you to thank God for it?

Though you might have trouble doing it right now, we can thank God for it. He gave sex to us as a symbol and a celebration of His love for us. We shouldn’t be surprised then that something that symbolizes the power and beauty of His love would be powerful and shaming when it is misused. How could such a wonderful gift have become so complicated, even dangerous? Like every good thing God created, sex has been broken and twisted by sin.

But that’s not the end of the story. Jesus, God’s greatest gift of all, came into the world to mend the broken and straighten what has been bent. However your life has been touched by sex distorted by sin, the solution isn’t to hide either your wounds or your secret pleasures, but to allow the love of Christ to remove shame and purify the heart so the gift can be enjoyed again.

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