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2018 Events

January 24-26: RYM Youth Leader Training Conference – Nashville, TN

Ed Welch: Anxiety, Anger, & Shame

Website: rymonline.org

January 26-28: East Side Grace Brethren Church – Blacklick, OH

Julie Lowe: Christ-Centered Parenting Conference

Website: eastsidegrace.org

February 24: The Moody Church – Chicago, IL

Ed Welch: Pastoring & Shepherding: Growing in Wise Conversations

Website: moodychurch.org

February 23-24: Cornell University Campus Ministries – Ithaca, NY

Alasdair Groves: Student Event

March 2-3: Counsel the Word Conference – Louisville, KY

Julie Lowe: Counseling an Abused Child

Website: events.sbts.edu

March 9-10: Grace Presbyterian Church – Danville, KY

Mike Emlet: Anxiety, Depression, and the Gospel

Website: gracedanville.org

March 10-11: Community Bible Church – Baton Rouge, LA

Ed Welch: The Gospel and Mental Illness

Website: 516church.com

March 24: Redeemer Church – New York, NY

Alasdair Groves: Pastoral Care Through Suffering and Sorrow

Website: redeemer.com

April 27-28: New Covenant Fellowship Church Women’s Retreat – Carlisle, PA

Janet Nygren: Loving One Another Deeply

Website: newcovfel.org

May 19: Grace Bible Fellowship Church Women’s Conference – Quakertown, PA

Julie Lowe: Nurturing Family

Website: quakertownbfc.org

May 27-30: Evangile21 Conference –Institut Biblique de Genève, Switzerland

David Powlison: Un regard sur la relation d’aide selon la Bible

Website: evangile21.thegospelcoalition.org