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General Info

We are currently in the application process for CEU Credits from various State Boards. This webpage will be updated as State Board approvals or denials are received or for those State Boards that do not allow an application for credit to come from someone other than the license holder himself/herself. The term “Board” is used to pertain to a Board of Counseling unless otherwise indicated. For other Boards (Social Work, Licensed Addictions, etc.) the attendee should contact their specific board to determine the requirements of obtaining credit.




CCEF is not an approved provider of CEUs through the Board of Behavioral Health. Attendees should check with the Board to see if they can apply for CEU credit on an individual basis.


Colorado does not appear to allow CCEF to be a pre-approved provider of CEUs for the conference. Attendees from CO should check with the State Board on how to apply for credit as an attendee of the conference. The CEU Administrator, Kellie Sironi, will have Certificate of Attendance Forms and additional information on speaker biographies, schedules, and course descriptions, if the Board requires this information to be submitted. Some states require application materials to be submitted before the conference begins.


CCEF is not an Illinois approved sponsor but CCEF has learned that IL may accept an attendee’s application for credit for attending the National Conference because it has been approved in other States (MT being one of them). Attendees should contact the Board to find out what is required. The State in which the conference is held (TX) lists CCEF as an approved provider under Provider Number 3012. The application form can be obtained from the Board (try this link as well) and would require the following to be obtained from the CEU Administrator, Kellie Sironi:

1. an outline of the content of the program/main sessions & workshops
2. a schedule of the program/main session & workshops
3. a brief bio or vitae of each speaker
4. a copy of the certificate of attendance


The Bureau of Professional Licensure does not pre-approve continuing education providers, sponsors or individual programs. It is the licensees’ responsibility to determine if the continuing education programs they attend meet the requirements of their professional licensure board.

For application materials visit the CEU Table at the conference.
For questions visit: http://www.idph.state.ia.us/


The Kentucky Board of LPC has approved the National Conference for 24 hours of general continuing education credits for LPCAs and LPCCs per 201 KAR 36:030 §2(1). The National Conference was denied to fulfill the LPC Law requirement in 201 KAR 36:030.

MICHIGAN (Board of Social Work)

The Board has previously represented that if the Conference is approved by another State’s Board of Social Work it will be approved by MI. Attendees wanting credit from MI Board of SW should contact that Board directly to verify this information. The CEU Administrator can provide attendees with another State’s approval code. Attendees should ensure that when he/she obtains a Certificate of Attendance from the CEU Administrator this information about the other State’s approval statement appears on the Certificate of Attendance, which is required.


The National Conference is not preapproved for CE credit. However, the Board of PCs and MFTs may still approve the content of the conference for CE credit if, upon an audit, the Board determines the conference meets its criteria. Attendees may obtain a Certificate of Attendance from the CEU Table at the Conference, along with a packet of information listing information on the session descriptions and speakers’ biographies/training, etc. and keep the information in their individual files in the event that the Board audits the attendee.


Attendees must apply on their own to his or her Board. For materials that may be necessary for application, contact [email protected]


The National Conference is not approved for CE credit.


The National Conference is approved for 20 hours of CE credit for Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. Please see the CEU Table at the Conference for a certificate.


Attendees must apply on their own. Individual applicants must apply to the State by October 11, 2017 at the latest. For materials that may be necessary for application, contact [email protected] and for questions, visit: http://www.dos.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/


The Board does not pre-approve CE programs. Individual applicants must use his or her professional judgment to determine whether or not programs are applicable and meet the requirements of the Board. For application materials, visit the CEU Table at the conference. For questions visit http://health.state.tn.us/boards/PC_MFT&CPT/


Approved by the TX Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors under Provider Number 3012. Using a 60-minute teaching hour, 20 hours of CEU credits are available if an attendee participates in all events, including the preconference.


CCEF is not affiliated with an organization approved by VA Board of Counselors. To get credit for the conference each VA attendee must obtain a Certificate of Attendance from the CEU Administrator, Kellie Sironi, and individually determine if the conference meets “the requirements of the regulations” 18VAC115-20-106, which states:

A. Continuing competency activities must focus on increasing knowledge or skills in one or more of the following areas:

1. Ethics, standards of practice or laws governing behavioral science professions;
2. Counseling theory;
3. Human growth and development;
4. Social and cultural foundations;
5. The helping relationship;
6. Group dynamics, processing and counseling;
7. Lifestyle and career development;
8. Appraisal of individuals;
9. Research and evaluation;
10. Professional orientation;
11. Clinical supervision;
12. Marriage and family therapy; or
13. Addictions.


The Department does not pre-approve continuing education programs. If the courses satisfy the requirements of Administrative Code Chapter MPSW 14, they will be accepted toward a professional counselor’s CE renewal requirements.
For application materials visit the CEU Table at the conference. For questions visit: http://dsps.wi.gov/


Special Note:

In States for which preapproval has not been obtained by start of the conference:

CCEF cannot guarantee a pending application will be approved. We also cannot guarantee, unless preapproval is granted, that any specific board will accept or approve your application for credit as an attendee. We are happy to provide with you the application materials we use, including the Certificate of Attendance (visit the CEU Booth at the Conference), but it is up to you to confirm before you attend the Conference whether or not your board will award CEU credit for each session.


Check back as we get closer to the conference! We will update State approvals and add information on other states.

At the conference

CEU applicants should visit the CEU table to obtain a Certificate of Attendance, which will list all the general and plenary sessions offered and the credits assigned to each. Applicants need to have CCEF Representatives initial next to each session the applicant attends throughout the conference. At the end of the conference, applicants should return to the CEU table for a CCEF Representative’s signature on the Certificate of Attendance. Applicants should then submit the Certificate to their state board(s) for credit If you have any questions regarding CEU or other continuing education credits, please contact [email protected].