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CCEF Live: Free Online Workshops

On the first four Tuesdays of August 2016, CCEF hosted live, one-hour, online workshops on a variety of topics relevant to personal ministry, relationships, and Christian growth. Utilizing a web conferencing service called Zoom, attendees were able to hear and see CCEF speakers live, and were able to chat in questions live during a moderated time of Q&A.

These online workshops were free of charge and were meant to equip and encourage those who attend with biblically rich and practically helpful training. You can read more about and rewatch any of the online workshops below. 

Ed Welch

You Are a Priest: Considering an Underused Identity

Tuesday August 2nd | 3pm EDT

Self-image, roles, personal identity—these are perennial matters for us. This workshop will identify how being a “priest” is a central calling, an underused identity, and a role that is humbling and inspiring. Once you try it on, it will immediately change how you live.

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Ed Welch is a faculty member at CCEF where he has served for more than 35 years. He holds a PhD in counseling psychology with a neuro-psychology specialty from the University of Utah and an MDiv degree from Biblical Theological Seminary. Ed has been counseling for over thirty years and has written many books and articles on biblical counseling, including When People Are Big and God Is Small; Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave; Blame It on the Brain?; Depression; Running Scared; Shame, Interrupted; and Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love. He and his wife, Sheri, have two married daughters and eight grandchildren. In his spare time, Ed enjoys spending time with his wife and extended family and playing his guitar.

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Alasdair Groves

Five Ways to Improve Communication in Daily Ministry

Tuesday August 9th | 3pm EDT

We’ve all been there. A friend is discouraged, a child needs discipline, a relative seeks our opinion, a tense relationship at church heats up. Ministry usually starts by listening, but at some point we are always called to speak. How do you decide what to say? This webinar will help you grow in five of the most basic ways to love others with words: asking questions, encouraging, giving advice, confronting and praying.

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Alasdair Groves is a faculty member at CCEF and the director of counseling at CCEF New England. He holds an MDiv in counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary. Alasdair has also served as a pastoral counselor and a campus minister. He has a passion to foster genuine relationships in the local church, especially through counseling and counseling training. Alasdair and his wife, Lauren, have three children. He is a fiction enthusiast, plays ultimate frisbee, and loves to produce and enjoy both good food and good music.

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Julie Lowe

Teaching Kids about Sex and Personal Safety

Tuesday August 16th | 3pm EDT

Someone will teach your children about sex and sexual abuse, whether or not that person is you. What children pick up will be either helpful or harmful. The best person for giving children a positive, godly understanding of sex is a parent willing and able to talk candidly and constructively. This webinar will encourage adults to build and nurture a positive conversation with youth about sex and keeping kids safe from sexual abuse.

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Julie Lowe is a faculty member at CCEF. She holds an MA in counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary. She is a licensed professional counselor with over fifteen years of counseling experience. She has extensive experience with women’s issues, sexual abuse, body image issues, parenting, and child maltreatment issues, and regularly speaks at events on these topics. Julie is also a registered play therapist and has developed a play therapy office at CCEF to better serve families, teens and children. She is a trained facilitator for Stewards of Children, a non-profit organization that provides training on child sexual abuse. Julie has trained a therapy dog that she works with both professionally and on a volunteer basis. Julie and her husband, Greg, have five children and serve as foster and adoptive parents.

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Winston Smith

Emotional Rehab 101

Tuesday August 23rd | 3pm EDT

Everyone struggles with their emotions at times. When Christians struggle, they not only feel bad, but also feel bad for feeling bad. Anger, anxiety, and sadness are considered sinful, or at least evidence of a lack of faith. But that simply isn’t what the Bible teaches. This webinar will explore what the Bible really has to say about our negative emotions and how they become opportunities for enriching our relationships with God and others.

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Winston Smith is a faculty member at CCEF. He holds an MDiv degree from Westminster Theological Seminary. He has been counseling for twenty years and is the author of Marriage Matters: Extraordinary Change through Ordinary Moments. Winston and his wife, Kim, have three children. Winston enjoys reading, listening to music, exercise, chess, and other games of strategy.

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  • How do I attend an online workshop? Register for online workshops by clicking the “Register Today” buttons under each online workshop you would like to attend. You will receive a registration confirmation email and reminder emails prior to the online workshop. A link with instructions to join the online workshop from your laptop or mobile device will be also be sent to you prior to the workshop. We recommend joining the workshop at least 10 minutes prior to start time.
  • What if I missed the session but want to watch it, will video be available online after? Yes, we will post the online workshop a few days after at it airs at ccef.org/live.
  • Do I need any special technology to attend an online workshop? We will be using Zoom to present the online workshops. Zoom is a free application that you can download onto any computer, tablet, or mobile device. We will send a simple set of instructions prior to the event and it should only take a few minutes to set up.
  • Can I register for more than one online workshop? You can register for any and all of the online workshops. Each registration is separate, however, so if you want to attend more than one session, you will need to register more than one time.
  • Can I register a group for an online workshop? You can register up to 25 individuals at a time for an online workshop. You may decide to view the online workshop from one device as a group. If this is the case, please do register all who will attend. Please note that signing on individually will give each participant the ability to submit their own questions during Q&A.
  • How late can I register for an online workshop? You can register for a workshop up to 24 hours before the workshop starts.
  • What can I expect from an online workshop? World-class authors and speakers from CCEF who have extensive training and experience in theology and counseling will present on meaningful and practical topics. Teaching will last for about 35 minutes, and then there will be a time of moderated Q&A in which you can chat in questions to the speaker about workshop content. After the workshop, you will receive a bundle of free CCEF resources and the workshops slides.
  • How much does an online workshop cost? All online workshops are free of charge. After the online workshop, you will have the opportunity to donate to CCEF’s ministry if you would like to. CCEF is a non-profit, 501c3 organization.
  • Can I invite others to attend an online workshop? Please join us in spreading the word about our free, live, online workshops. All are welcomed to attend.

Please contact Customer Service at [email protected] with any questions about CCEF LIVE: Online Workshops.