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Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor

Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor

Course Description

Counseling skills are important, but the character and the relational building approaches of a counselor also significantly contribute to effective biblical counseling. This class guides counselors in engaging in godly, thoughtful consideration and growth in self-awareness in character and skills. The character qualities of love, humility, faithfulness, and spiritual maturity; the skills of loving, knowing, speaking and doing are explored and examined in order to contemplate development in these areas. Through lectures, group discussions, practical assignments and hands-on one-to-one counseling sessions during the course of the class, you’ll be encouraged to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a counselor and to develop a practical plan for growth. The principles taught build upon the foundation taught in Dynamics of Biblical Change and Helping Relationships, which are prerequisites.
Course Outline

Course Outline

  • Class 1 – Character Quality: Love
  • Class 2 – Functional Quality: Loving
  • Class 3 – Character Quality: Faithfulness
  • Class 4 – Functional Quality: Knowing
  • Class 5 – Character Quality: Humility
  • Class 6 – Functional Quality: Speaking
  • Class 7 – Character Quality: Spiritual Maturity
  • Class 8 – Functional Quality: Doing

About the Professor

monicaMonica Kim has worked in church ministry for more than fifteen years and is currently a part of the pastoral staff at her local church. As a part of the staff she speaks, teaches Bible studies, leads women’s groups and counsels youth and families. Monica has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Toronto, Canada and a Master of Arts in Religion from Westminster Theological Seminary. She is married to Danny, an ordained Pastor, and they have three boys.

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