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Counseling Observation

Counseling Observation

Course Description

What does actual counseling look like? It’s one thing to learn about biblical counseling through reading books and listening to a lecture, but it’s quite another to learn by actually seeing it done. You’ll have the opportunity to observe various CCEF counselors and faculty members as they counsel actual cases, either live or on video. You’ll experience the unscripted, unpredictable, and often messy aspects of face-to-face personal ministry, and be introduced to the artfulness, skill, and utter dependency on the Spirit that is needed to counsel wisely. Class discussion will focus on topics that arise out of each counseling session, and you’ll learn how to make effective progress notes to document your own counseling sessions.

Taught by Various Professors

*Please note: Dynamics of Biblical Change and Helping Relationships are prerequisites for this course.


Counseling Observation is a 2-credit course. The credit cost of the course is $450.00. Taken for audit it is $225.00. Counseling Observation is offered every semester, spring, summer and fall.

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