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What does it look like when our mission is being fulfilled?

Churches step into crises with clarity and confidence about who God is, what he says, and how to help. Bryan Pickering is the Pastor for Care & Counseling at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Downtown Campus. His church is committed to addressing domestic violence.

“As a counseling pastor, my goal is to consistently point others to our great God when crisis strikes. When the furnace of affliction gets turned up seven times more than usual (Dan 3:19), I can confidently say that CCEF’s resources will help sufferers see the Fourth Man in our midst (Dan 3:24-25). Their resources take me, and fellow sufferers, by the hand to the refuge we have in our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Never was this more evident than when Darby Strickland, CCEF counselor and speaker, came to equip our church on the topic of abuse.

People serving in a wide variety of roles—elders, staff, domestic abuse ministry team members, lay people—as well as Twin Cities neighbors, gathered together for a weekend of training. The goals for our time were to learn how to identify abusive and oppressive relationships in our midst, and then to know how to move toward couples lovingly and with a redemptive purpose. Darby offered specific, concrete help in both areas. She equipped us to understand and move toward both those who experience oppression and those who oppress.

I sat in on every training—and I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Darby’s content was tailored so well for each audience. She presented something fresh and relevant during each time of teaching. This is something I have come to expect from CCEF, as I have seen their genuine love for the Lord and his people.”

Bryan Pickering, Pastor for care and counseling at Bethlehem Baptist Church

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