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Scripture connects to the struggles and troubles that press each of us to need God’s mercies. Jesus is insightful. He is caring. He is helpful. And he intends that we become like him. As we make that connection—first for ourselves and then with others—counseling ministry finds its natural place as one of the core ministries of every church.

CCEF’s mission is to nourish insightful faith, caring relationships, and helpful counseling. We accomplish our mission by equipping other people. God’s Word to us is deep and wide. The riches are unfathomable, the applications innumerable—because what Christ says and does applies directly to every single human being. The articles in this issue of CCEF Now (and our magazine cover) seek to capture something of that depth and breadth—of faith expressed in both sorrow and joy.

We are grateful for the support we receive from our donors! Without it, this resource could not be produced and made available free of charge. Thank you!

This issue of CCEF Now includes:

Why Do We Pray?
David Powlison

Ministry Connections
Featuring Prison Outreach and Peninsula Biblical Counseling Center

Identifying Oppression in Marriages
Darby Strickland

Treasuring Others
Alasdair Groves

When a Child Says “I Don’t Know”
Julie Lowe

Meet the Counselor
Michael Gembola


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