Pastoral Ministry

Julie Lowe  - Blog Post  - Apr 02, 2014

I am a mother of five and, as a counselor, I work with children almost every day. Sadly, many of the children I meet experience tough, heart-breaking problems and some have suffered abuse and mistreatment. I am committed to educating myself and others on the importance of protecting the vulnerable. It is a personal passion for me. It is the way I have built my family and live my life. My goal for myself, and for the larger Christian community, is that we are knowledgeable, competent, and biblically wise when it comes to handling allegations of abuse.  

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David Powlison  - Video  - Jul 10, 2013

"Counseling is the most practical theology." David Powlsion discusses the relationship between public, private, and personal ministry.

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Mike Emlet  - Blog Post  - May 14, 2013

“Knowledge is power.” How many times have we heard that phrase? As Christians we really don’t believe it. Or do we? In this final installment of a series using Zack Eswine’s book Sensing Jesus as a launching pad, I am looking at the temptation toward omniscience, to be a “know-it-all” in life and ministry. Ever since the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to be like God by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we humans have had a skewed view of knowledge.

Where does this come out in our lives?

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Mike Emlet  - Blog Post  - Apr 30, 2013

In this series of posts I am reflecting on Zack Eswine’s recent book, Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being. His thesis is that life and ministry is about apprenticing with Jesus to recover our humanity and to help others to do the same. He notes that too much of life and ministry is spent grasping after those things that only God himself possesses.

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Mike Emlet  - Blog Post  - Apr 22, 2013

Sometimes a book grabs you by the scruff of your neck and shakes you around a bit. Or strikes a chord of kindred experience that stirs a poignant ache, a longing for something different. Zack Eswine’s fine book on being a pastor, Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being (Crossway, 2012) is doing just that—and more—to me. This is an important book for anyone in ministry and I plan to riff off of some of his thoughts in a series of posts over the coming weeks. 

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Dec 12, 2012

Your husband received a near unanimous vote from the congregation when he was called but someone must have rigged the count. After his very first sermon, his approval rating started its relentless downward course, and it feels like the nay-sayers are killing your soul. And all the while, you are expected to keep on smiling and maintain civility.

This, of course, does not represent the experience of every pastor’s wife, only most of them.

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CCEF  - Blog Post  - Nov 27, 2012

“In a challenging ministry situation, do something counter-intuitive. Rather than bearing down on all the ungodly things a person is doing, be a scavenger for good things going on in the person’s life. What encouraging things do you see? You’ve got to be able to do that if you are going to care for people well. You’ve got to be able to encourage people who are struggling with sin.”

-Tim Lane in his CCEF School of Biblical Counseling course, Counseling in the Local Church

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Milton Fisher  - JBC Article  - Oct 22, 2012

Pastors are often content to delegate missionary interest to a committee. But
he must take responsibility to know what missions is about and to guide the church's
involvement, prayers and financial support.

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Julie Lowe  - Blog Post  - Sep 18, 2012

Dear Ministry Leader,

Let me tell you a story. The pastor of a Bible-believing church was preparing a sermon for his congregation for Sunday. One of his elders came to his office for their weekly prayer meeting. In the midst of their prayer time together the elder broke down, confessing that he had inappropriately touched one of the teens in the youth group. His story was heart breaking, as he shared that he himself had been abused as a child. After praying together for God to work in the heart of the elder and for forgiveness and grace, the elder left.

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Tim Lane  - JBC Article  - Jul 17, 2012

Timothy Lane was inaugurated as the new CCEF Executive Director on May
7, 2007. John Bettler, former CCEF executive director, spoke about servant
leadership and the need for the servant to keep his eyes on the Master and cry for
mercy. Other friends and work associates spoke of the significance of the
inauguration vows: to love as Christ loved, to serve as Christ served. Craig Higgins
offered the charge: to lead CCEF with self-giving love as modeled by Christ Himself.
Tim Lane accepted the charge to lead CCEF and reminded everyone of CCEF’s

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