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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Dec 26, 2012

Here is one reason you must be called to pastoral ministry: the people you love will not love you back—at least some of them will not love you back. They will say utterly horrible things about you, so you better be sure you want to do this. It is one thing to be dissed by the world around you; it is something else again to be demeaned by your own church family while you are pouring your heart out for them.

Personal Attacks

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Tim Lane  - Blog Post  - Dec 12, 2012

One strength and weakness of CCEF is our name! In fact, we have had many discussions over the years about whether to change our name. Those discussions always end where they began, and our name remains unchanged. Surprisingly, the strengths and weaknesses of our name are due to the word counseling. Our debate is always about how the “c-word” both communicates and miscommunicates the vision of our ministry. 

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Jay Adams  - JBC Article  - Oct 23, 2012

Who counsels the counselor? Here are four ideas for creating useful accountability and wise counsel for the pastor.

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John Frame  - JBC Article  - Oct 22, 2012

How to train pastors who are spiritually and pastorally prepared, not
academicized. Dump academic model once and for all. Create a discipling,
ministering and learning community.

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Jim Baird  - JBC Article  - Oct 22, 2012

Lays out three principles of pastoral leadership: dedication to Christ, love for
the flock and a sense of destiny.

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David Powlison, Tim Keller  - JBC Article  - Aug 08, 2012

Twenty-two questions that enable a pastor or other Christian worker to evaluate both personal qualifications and ministerial qualifications in the interest of spurring growing maturity. Includes a 3-page "Application Work Sheet" to use with pastors, candidates and students

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Tim Lane  - Podcast  - Nov 04, 2009

Recently former CCEF Executive Director Tim Lane and his wife Barbara traveled to Montreal, Canada, to share CCEF's "How People Change" curriculum with over 500 people at SEMBEQ Seminary in that city. SEMBEQ has formed a partnership with CCEF to assist in their mission of training pastors with a zeal for church planting. The seminary intentionally partners with local churches, and much of the seminarians' training takes place "on the job" in those churches.

During their visit, Tim and Barbara sat down with Francois Turcotte & Francois Picard, two of SEMBEQ's leaders, to discuss their unique vision and mission, as well as how CCEF's teaching ministry has become an indispensible part of the training they offer. This podcast is taken from that conversation.

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Tim Lane  - Blog Post  - Sep 08, 2009

Guidance For Churches Seeking Outside Help for Counseling

Last week, I laid out four reasons a church should counsel as part of their ministry to their members and as a result, some of you might think that I am implying that a local church should not seek the assistance of “outside” help. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let me nuance my strong commitment for the local church to do counseling with the following qualifications.

Don’t Outsource By Default: There is nothing unbiblical about seeking outside assistance. But just because you feel overwhelmed by a counseling opportunity, don’t immediately think you must outsource your care. When a church immediately out-sources counseling it misses the opportunity to grow both individually and as a community.

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David Powlison  - JBC Article  - Jan 01, 2000

Interview with Amoor in which he tells his story of coming to faith and ministering both as a pastor and as a teacher of pastoral counseling. Counseling in the Nigerian context differs in many ways from the American context: types of problems, social influences, opportunities for and limitations on ministry. & People are not offended when I talk to them or ask questions about their life backgrounds. Our people are very open, so it is easy to find where help is needed. No one thinks that you are meddling.

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David Powlison  - JBC Article  - Jan 01, 1999

Babler teaches ministry-based evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Seminary. He brings biblical counseling principles into the activities usually thought of as social work, mercy ministry, and evangelism. "If we're biblical, and build loving relationships, then we'll be holistic," addressing every aspect of people's lives in practical ways. Doing practical good is tied to bringing the good news.

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