Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Apr 08, 2013

Counselors have opportunities to see patterns that emerge among people. Here, I think, is a pattern among men—not all men, but more than you might think. 

“When my wife talks about our relationship—or anything else—and goes on for very long, I want to listen, but I go on overload pretty quick and soon don’t understand a word she is saying.”

Many men have their limits.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Jan 02, 2013

Excuse me for barging in, but it might be time for more people to intrude into the marital bedroom. Though there are some good Christian books on marital sex, most of them repeat two basic mantras: (1) Christians are not sexually reserved. Behind closed doors we are incredibly frisky and uninhibited, and (2) let your conscience be your guide. If a particular form of sexual expression is acceptable to both spouses, it is okay with God. Let’s not get legalistic in matters where we have freedom of conscience.

I’m not so sure about either of these.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Jan 01, 2013

Men are wretched at dealing with rejection.

Women are not good at it either. But at least they are more prone to talking about it, or they are vulnerable enough to be sad. Men tend to go silent or get angry.

I want to get to sexual rejection—wives who seem to reject their husband’s sexual advances—but first, a warm-up illustration.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Dec 31, 2012

What was this intelligent woman thinking?! This guy was so wrong for her! Everyone else could see it! Why couldn’t she?  

It was the first time I was asked to do premarital counseling.  It was also when I awoke to the stupidity of love.

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CCEF  - Premium Resource  - Oct 02, 2012

Complete audio download of 2010 CCEF Conference: ONE For Better and Worse

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Chris Carter  - JBC Article  - Aug 27, 2012

This Lives in Process piece illustrates the discipleship process in the life of a young man who is growing in Christ-like love for his wife.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Aug 23, 2012

So you wake up soon after your wedding day—maybe it was a couple hours after the wedding, maybe a couple weeks—and say, “What have I done?”

There are many painful things we experience in life. This one weighs in as one of the most painful. You feel as though you have just received a life sentence or (maybe) a death sentence. Ironically, though recently married, you feel more alone than ever. Aloneness in marriage is just the worst.

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John F. Bettler  - JBC Article  - Jul 16, 2012

Numbers 5 speaks of a "law of jealousy" that sounds quite foreign to our
ears. But there is a contemporary point. God wants us to see that He is jealous about
marriages, and He wants you to be jealous about your marriage. This is not a petty,
selfish, or destructive jealousy. It is a love that cares, rather than being indifferent.

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David Powlison  - Premium Resource  - Jul 16, 2012

Prayer is an important topic. How do we interact with God? What we should do about the things that worry us? 

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David Powlison  - Premium Resource  - Jul 10, 2012

The evils of physical violence, sexual violation and verbal assault leave scars. Your husband or wife may deal with strong temptations to react with suspiciousness, fear, hopelessness, bitterness or escapism. Your spouse may misread your intentions, and have a hard time trusting you. How can you love well when your partner struggles?

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