Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Jun 30, 2014

When the wealthy young man could not quite give all his money away and follow Jesus, we are given a hard story (Matt. 19:16-22). Many of us have wondered what we would have done if Jesus asked us the same question. The story is always challenging. But the wealthy young man has recently been hijacked by someone new: the young man who is hoping to have sex…soon. 

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Julie Lowe, Lauren Whitman  - JBC Article  - Jul 26, 2013

In “Teach Your Children About Sex,” Julie Lowe and Lauren Whitman get down to earth on a topic that can make parents squirm. Their thesis is that someone will teach your children about sex, whether or not that person is you. What children pick up will be either very helpful or very harmful. The best person for giving children a positive, godly understanding of sex is a parent willing and able to talk candidly and constructively.

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Winston Smith  - Video  - Jun 21, 2013

Winston Smith sits down and gives us some things to consider whenever we are dissatisfied with our sex life in marriage. 

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Alasdair Groves  - JBC Article  - Mar 25, 2013

Pornography is a defining problem of our age, so it is also a defining problem for counselors. The Bible often addresses people enmeshed in wayward sexuality, and Alasdair Groves digs deeply into one significant aspect in the sanctification of pornographied souls.

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CCEF  - Blog Post  - Feb 28, 2013

In his talk entitled, Solo Sex, Winston Smith unpacks the anti-relational nature of solo sex. 

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Jan 02, 2013

Excuse me for barging in, but it might be time for more people to intrude into the marital bedroom. Though there are some good Christian books on marital sex, most of them repeat two basic mantras: (1) Christians are not sexually reserved. Behind closed doors we are incredibly frisky and uninhibited, and (2) let your conscience be your guide. If a particular form of sexual expression is acceptable to both spouses, it is okay with God. Let’s not get legalistic in matters where we have freedom of conscience.

I’m not so sure about either of these.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Jan 01, 2013

Men are wretched at dealing with rejection.

Women are not good at it either. But at least they are more prone to talking about it, or they are vulnerable enough to be sad. Men tend to go silent or get angry.

I want to get to sexual rejection—wives who seem to reject their husband’s sexual advances—but first, a warm-up illustration.

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CCEF  - Premium Resource  - Oct 02, 2012

Complete audio download of 2009 CCEF Conference: Sex Matters

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Ed Welch  - Premium Resource  - Jun 14, 2012

Just when we think our culture can't be any more sex-saturated, we find that there is room for more. Are you in danger of growing numb to the explicit sexuality around you? Is sexual experimentation inevitable? Is the primary parenting goal to keep our children safe from pregnancy and disease? Every shift in our culture needs new application of biblical teaching about purity and intimacy. This seminar will discuss how to live in a godly, biblical way in today’s culture and how to counsel those who have been stained and damaged by the misuse of sexuality.

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Ed Welch  - Premium Resource  - Jun 08, 2012

It usually goes like this - a husband wants sex on the hour and a wife would be okay with a nearly celibate married life. Of course, stereotypes are changing but the problem remains. What do we do with differences in sexual desire? This elective will offer effective ways to have helpful conversations that could easily get complicated.

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