Counselor/ Professional Counseling Issues

David Powlison  - Blog Post  - Oct 11, 2012

QUESTION: I just graduated with a BA in Psychology. We were taught that people with paranoid schizophrenia must first be medicated to break past the delusions, odd speech patterns, etc., before they can talk with a counselor. Do you think what I was taught is true?

One beauty of a Christian approach to people, including extremely disturbed people, is that you can always talk with anyone. No guarantees that they’ll listen, of course—just as there are no guarantees that “normal, undisturbed” people (who also have madness in their hearts: Ecclesiastes 9:3) will listen.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Feb 21, 2011

Ever been to a dinner party with a let’s-find-your-idol theme? Probably not, and for good reason. Here is the predicament.

  • Biblical counseling is not shy about identifying the idols of our hearts, and
  • Biblical counseling takes place among friends in everyday conversations.

These frequently occurring principles of biblical counseling seem incompatible. No one talks about idols of the heart in everyday conversations.

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Mike Emlet, Winston Smith  - Podcast  - Dec 08, 2010

Help and Hope: Mike Emlet and Winston Smith discuss the issue of inexperienced counselors.

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Mike Emlet  - Video  - Nov 16, 2010
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David Powlison, Tim Lane  - Podcast  - Sep 22, 2010

Dr. David Powlison and Dr. Tim Lane discuss the similarities and differences between formal and informal counseling.

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David Powlison, Winston Smith  - Podcast  - Aug 18, 2010

Dr. David Powlison and Winston Smith respond to the question: "Does a troubled past disqualify someone to be a counselor?" You can submit your own question here.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Apr 21, 2010

Here is a letter from another one of our students who is surpassing me.


Dear Ed,

I'm writing to fulfill a promise. Yesterday I bumped into a woman whom I had counseled a couple months ago, and she asked, "Did you tell him yet?" And I had to confess that I had not, but promised to send an email this week. So, here's the story:

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David Powlison  - Podcast  - Feb 25, 2010

In Part One of this series, counselor and author David Powlison began to take us on a personal and highly-detailed journey through all the aspects of a counseling relationship, using the case study of "Ann," a woman who is experiencing extreme panic attacks.

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