Dear Friends,

On any given day, ministry goes into the hardest places. CCEF’s national conference in October focused on losses—and there are so many in this life. The issue is fresh for me, not merely a topic. My mother’s steep decline with vascular dementia brings tears. And I have witnessed how Jesus speaks to the very places where she and I most feel sorrow and vulnerability. Amid confusion of mind and constriction of life, her faith still responds:

Mom, the eternal God is your dwelling place. His everlasting arms are underneath you…Your flesh and your heart may fail, but God is the strength of your heart and your portion forever…You believe that Jesus died and rose again. God will bring you to be with Jesus when you die, and you will always be with the Lord. 

She came alive to these words of life. She brightened. Her words became clearer. She wanted more of God’s words. We both took heart. I am grateful for the partial goods of my mom’s medical care. And I am very, very grateful that the Holy Spirit always has free access into the human heart. 

On any given day, CCEF seeks to equip God’s people to go into every hard place with wise, loving words and actions. I am grateful for the ministry training I received from CCEF 35 years ago, and for the privilege of continuing to grow through the ministries of my colleagues. As you know, ministry comes at a high cost. It takes time and money. It calls for emotional investment and hard work. It brings the pain of caring. It means the burden of living on the edge of your continual need for more wisdom and more love. Please pray for us. 

And if you are able, please help us financially. On any given day our faculty labor to make each lecture they give biblically sound and deeply practical. They teach to the minds and to the hearts of our students. Our counselors step daily into torrents of heartache and confusion. As they prayerfully seek the face of Jesus, they bring his comfort and love. Our administrative staff work to improve the ways we serve, to answer questions, to solve problems, and to bless each person they come into contact with.

Please help support one day of ministry at CCEF. We plan to raise $850,000 over the coming year—about $2,300 on any given day. Would you consider giving us a day? You can do this with a one-time gift of $2,300, or by spreading that gift out evenly at $195 a month. Thank you for considering my request. Every gift, whether large or small, helps. In fact, smaller donations are what sustain us each year. 

May God be the strength of your heart,

David Powlison, Executive Director

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