"He has a unique affection for you."

Published: November 06, 2012

"'The man and his wife were both naked and they felt no shame.' There are two possibilities with that. One possibility is it's just some sort of an interesting, though somewhat risqué, bit of trivia. The other possibility goes like this: there was a time when shame was not part of the human dilemma. If it's true, this is a setup to something very important. ‘And their eyes were opened and they realized they were naked.’ This is the very first feature of the Fall. If this is true, we are being introduced to the human dilemma.”

Ed Welch opens this year's national conference by introducing the features of guilt and shame in Scripture and their impact on the human experience. These features go on to shape the discussion of every session of the conference as speakers unpack and apply these matters to various topics in life and ministry.

"If we're on to it, we anticipate Scripture is going to speak to this over and over again in a way that is shocking, and jaw-dropping, and glorious, and life-changing."

"What you're going to hear though all these presentations, will repeatedly be counter-intuitive, but here is the most important counter-intuitive message: Are you familiar with shame? Is it palpable? Is it something you can identify in your life just about every day? If so, you are one of God's people. What you will see throughout Scripture is that he has a unique affection for you."

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