The Church and Same-Sex Attraction

Published: January 31, 2013

In his recent national conference session entitled "The Silence is Deafening," Dr. Mike Emlet opened with this question:

So let me ask you, in your church, is same-sex attraction the struggle that must not be named? In general, the church, that is we, have not done a great job in creating an environment that allows for men and women who are struggling with same-sex attraction to be honest about their struggles and to obtain help and strength for the journey. And so my hope is this talk will serve in some small way to counteract the tendency toward the uncomfortable silence associated with this struggle.
Emlet’s talk is orienting, challenging, compassionate. This is a wonderful resource to download and listen to with other people, perhaps in a small group study, prayer group, or any community setting. Listen and discuss how engaging personal ministry in your church might continue to grow more wise in these matters. 
You can purchase The Silence is Deafening: A 2012 conference session on same-sex attraction here, or purchase the 2012 National Conference Audio and it will be included in your audio set.