Julie E. Lowe

Julie Smith Lowe, M.A. is Associate Faculty at CCEF and has been counseling for over 13 years. She has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is pursuing certification as a Registered Play Therapist. She has extensive experience with foster and adoptive families, as well as child maltreatment issues. She speaks at events regarding women's issues, parenting, and children and conflict resolution.

Julie E. Lowe  - Blog Post  - Apr 21, 2014

You’ve heard the old adage, “practice makes perfect.” Recently my son came home from school and said, “Mom, do you know practice really makes permanent?” He then proceeded to explain to me what his teacher had taught him: if you learn to do something the wrong way (and repeatedly do it the wrong way) you will learn permanent bad habits, which will likely result in bad outcomes.  

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Julie E. Lowe  - Blog Post  - Apr 02, 2014

I am a mother of five and, as a counselor, I work with children almost every day. Sadly, many of the children I meet experience tough, heart-breaking problems and some have suffered abuse and mistreatment. I am committed to educating myself and others on the importance of protecting the vulnerable. It is a personal passion for me. It is the way I have built my family and live my life. My goal for myself, and for the larger Christian community, is that we are knowledgeable, competent, and biblically wise when it comes to handling allegations of abuse.  

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Julie E. Lowe  - Premium Resource  - Oct 16, 2013

By and large, parents have less influence over the lives of their children than media, culture and their peer relationships do.  Kids are bombarded with a host of influences and pressures at every turn. This workshop will look at why godly, healthy, relationships with your children are so important, how those influences shape children’s lives, and what parents and other adults can do to foster deeper, meaningful relationships with children.

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Julie E. Lowe, Lauren Whitman  - JBC Article  - Jul 26, 2013

In “Teach Your Children About Sex,” Julie Lowe and Lauren Whitman get down to earth on a topic that can make parents squirm. Their thesis is that someone will teach your children about sex, whether or not that person is you. What children pick up will be either very helpful or very harmful. The best person for giving children a positive, godly understanding of sex is a parent willing and able to talk candidly and constructively.

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CCEF, Ed Welch, Julie E. Lowe, Mike Emlet, Paul David Tripp, Winston Smith  - Premium Resource  - Apr 30, 2013

Parenting so often can feel confusing and overwhelming.  We want Biblical wisdom and yet we are not sure where to turn.  This bundle contains refreshing, honest and wise counsel directly from Scripture on how to approach our children with God’s agenda and not our own.

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Julie E. Lowe  - Blog Post  - Mar 04, 2013

The Lie

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Julie E. Lowe  - Blog Post  - Jan 28, 2013

As a parent I want to create opportunities to have meaningful and fruitful conversations with my children. I often use role-playing as a means to accomplish that goal. Role-playing is when you present a situation to your children and ask them what they would do and say as they take on different roles in the story. For example, your child may not know what to do when a peer pressures him to lie or cheat.  Role-playing gives children an avenue in which to practice possible responses to difficult situations.

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Julie E. Lowe  - Blog Post  - Jan 16, 2013

Bullying happens in every school across America. This means it is highly likely that your child or one of the kids in your church has experienced bullying. And since it has become an area of concern in schools and a focus in national media, techniques and advice now abound. The Christian faith offers a perspective on bullying that goes beyond punishment or behavior modification and toward wise love for the bullied and the bully. We recently sat down with Julie Lowe to discuss this issue and practical helps for parents, youth leaders, and children’s ministry workers.

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Julie E. Lowe  - Blog Post  - Jan 09, 2013

As parents we often struggle with this reality: the older our kids get, the weightier their decisions become. We also realize there is a great deal of evil in the world that we want to protect our children from. Given these facts, parents are often tempted to micromanage in an effort to prevent poor decisions. Parents may have good intentions but can become overbearing when driven by fear. As a counselor I want parents to focus on helping their children grow in independent decision-making. Ultimately we want children to have two things that go hand-in-hand: 

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Julie E. Lowe  - Premium Resource  - Nov 07, 2012
The use of shame in parenting is designed to cause children to restrain behavior through undesirable thoughts and feelings about themselves. It involves negative and shaming comments about what the child is doing or who the child is, giving children a poor and inaccurate view of themselves. Instead of drawing them to see their worth in Christ’s eyes, children are taught to rely on the approval or disapproval of parents or caretakers.
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