Robert D. Jones

David Powlison, Judy Blore, Julie Lowe, Lauren Whitman, Mike Emlet, Paul David Tripp, Robert D. Jones, Tedd Tripp  - Book  - Jul 25, 2014
Over the decades, the JBC has published more than 1000 articles. With so much content that explores ministry and life, it can be hard to know where to begin. This “Must Read” series provides carefully selected articles on key issues as an entryway into those decades of content.
This issue on parenting explores goals of Christian parenting, and provides practical help and wisdom for particularly difficult issues.

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Robert D. Jones  - JBC Article  - Jul 11, 2012

We cannot erase or deny bad memories of past sins, but Christ can transform them into something good. When we recall past sins through the lens of Christ’s mercy, God brings repentance and deepening humility.

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Robert D. Jones  - Premium Resource  - Jul 10, 2012

Jones reviews and recommends two books for those who want to begin, or
resume, personal or family Bible reading. For the Love of God: A Daily Companion
for Discovering the Riches of God's Word, Vol. 1 & 2 by D. A. Carson; and Expostory
Thoughts on the Gospels: St. Mark by J.C. Ryle.

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Robert D. Jones  - JBC Article  - Jan 01, 2007

Robert Jones illustrates how positive Christian truth revolutionizes the selfunderstanding
of parents. The Christian parent must first see him or herself as a
Christian not as a single parent. Jesus Christ defines us not by our social standing but
by our connection to Him. Jesus is the single parent’s “significant other.” This
changes the way you relate to your children and to others.

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Robert D. Jones  - JBC Article  - Jul 01, 2006

Most often, truth attaches meaningfully to a person’s life through an
experience, a story, a metaphor, a picture. Good counseling is in the business of
attaching truth meaningfully to our lives. In “How Good Desires Go Bad” Jones shows
how he uses a simple picture to help those he counsels to understand their motives.

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Robert D. Jones  - JBC Article  - Jan 01, 2002

An applied exposition of Philippians 4. Discontent, complaining, and anxiety are universal problems. Touches on numerous circumstances that produce discontentment, but finally proclaims how despite your bodily illness or injury, in Christ there is contentment. Contentment comes as those who belong to Jesus rely on God's powerful presence in the face of life's trials.

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Robert D. Jones  - JBC Article  - Jan 01, 2000

Three general principles of resolving conflicts. First, God calls you to pursue
peace in all your relationships, with a realism that trusts God about the outcome.
Second, God teaches you how to view conflicts: they are to be resolved, to be
expected, to be seized as opportunities. Third, God directs you how to resolve
conflicts. Your commitment to God, your repentance for contributing to conflict, and
your love are the path toward concrete solutions.

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Robert D. Jones  - JBC Article  - Jan 01, 1999

Perhaps no single problem plagues people more than worry or anxiety. Worry is a solvable problem. Matthew 6:19-34 gives hope to overcome it. Change starts by recognizing that worry is sinful. In fact, it is idolatry, and the solution is repentance. It is also unbelief, and the solution is faith. Gives a series of selfcounseling questions to help people examine their worries in the light of God's Word.

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Robert D. Jones  - JBC Article  - Jan 01, 1998

"Let Me Draw You a Picture" portrays a husband and wife in the context of God's involvement in their lives.

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Robert D. Jones  - JBC Article  - Jan 01, 1997

Welch tackles "one of the deepest, most common roots of our relational problems — the fear of man — and its antidote, the fear of God." Other people become "our idol of choice," whether it is labeled shyness, peer pressure, peoplepleasing,
codependency, or need for love and approval. The fear of the Lord, our identity before God in Christ, and delight in God set people free of this tangle of the flesh.

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