Lauren Whitman

Andrew D. Rogers, David Powlison, Lauren Whitman, Matthew C. Mitchell, Mike Emlet, Winston Smith  - Premium Resource  - Apr 28, 2014

The complete digital issue (PDF) of JBC Volume 28, Number 1

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Lauren Whitman  - JBC Article  - Apr 28, 2014

Lauren Whitman provides us with helpful guidance on how to conduct that often-challenging first counseling session. Newer counselors will be eager to have a tool to help them approach these initial conversations with people they don’t know. But even veterans will benefit from a review of things to keep in mind as they meet with those they counsel for the first time. Read this and find a new way (or two!) to bless those who come to you for help. 

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Julie E. Lowe, Lauren Whitman  - JBC Article  - Jul 26, 2013

In “Teach Your Children About Sex,” Julie Lowe and Lauren Whitman get down to earth on a topic that can make parents squirm. Their thesis is that someone will teach your children about sex, whether or not that person is you. What children pick up will be either very helpful or very harmful. The best person for giving children a positive, godly understanding of sex is a parent willing and able to talk candidly and constructively.

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Lauren Whitman  - Blog Post  - Apr 17, 2013

The statistics are staggering: 1 in 6 couples face infertility. 1 in 4 couples over the age of 35 face infertility. Maybe you are struggling to conceive. Maybe you know someone else who is struggling. In either case, this JBC article can help you. 

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Lauren Whitman  - Blog Post  - Mar 29, 2013

“The counselor says: Homework. The response from the counselee is: slumped shoulders, glazed eyes, slack jaw. It feels like one more burden. It does not feel like “help.” Why is that? Why is something that is supposed to be helpful viewed so negatively?”

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Lauren Whitman  - Blog Post  - Mar 28, 2013

A woman in her forties dies from cancer and leaves behind her husband and two daughters. Any one of us would struggle to make sense of this tragedy. Is there any comfort, any consolation, any hope to be found when there is a loss such as this? 

In a sermon delivered at the memorial service for this beloved woman, Dr. William Edgar anticipates five questions that are often asked in the face of such a heartbreak, and relays God’s answers to these good and honest questions. 

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Lauren Whitman  - Blog Post  - Mar 21, 2013

“Do not be afraid.” Would you believe that this is the most frequent command in the Bible? More than three hundred times God commands his people to not be afraid. 

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Lauren Whitman  - Blog Post  - Feb 21, 2013

Not all counseling sessions end on a positive note. I was recently reminded of this as I struggled to conclude a challenging appointment with a married couple. By the end of it, they were more discouraged than when they came in. But we had to go, and there was no way to wrap up in such a way that we could all leave with smiling faces and joyful hearts. We were ending at a hard place.

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Lauren Whitman  - Blog Post  - Dec 12, 2012

In his article titled: “Godly Intoxication: The Church Can Minister to Addicts” CCEF President Tim Lane begins with a story:

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Lauren Whitman  - Blog Post  - Dec 05, 2012

Last year we interviewed CCEF counselor Julie Lowe to ask her questions about counseling children. We learned that ministry to children can and must look different than it does with adults. We asked Julie how transformation and growth in a child’s life looks different than it does in the lives of adults. Here is what she told us:

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