Kimberly Monroe

Kimberly Monroe  - Blog Post  - Apr 08, 2013

When we look closely at what actually changes people—examples both from Scripture and from personal experience—we see how diversely relevant the Word and Spirit are to our human struggles. David Powlison challenges the tendency of popular views on sanctification to take one strand in Scripture and present it as the be all and end all of Christian growth. Powlison specifically engages the strengths and weaknesses of the view that asserts, “You are sanctified by remembering that you are justified.”


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Kimberly Monroe  - Blog Post  - Apr 05, 2013

Michael Emlet explores the interrelationship of behavioral habits, beliefs, and desires. Habitual actions matter in our sanctification, whether seemingly mundane (brushing your teeth), or seemingly unproblematic (going to the mall), or presumably serious (participating in worship). This article incorporates a review of James K. A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom in the context of Emlet’s larger exploration of the significance of habits for counseling.

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Kimberly Monroe, Philip Monroe  - Web Article  - Feb 22, 2010

Kimberly Monroe and Philip Monroe
The Bible and the Pain of Infertility

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Kimberly Monroe, Philip Monroe  - JBC Article  - Jan 01, 2005

Infertility is a form of suffering that takes couples through medical, physical, and emotional
experiences that test their faith. How do Christians handle this pain? The Monroes
offer answers from their own experience and faith.

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