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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Jan 21, 2014

A 32-year-old man had fallen sixteen feet from a deer stand and crushed his C3, C4, C5 vertebrae. He was put on a breathing machine, but his brain was fine. When he was brought out of a medically induced coma, he communicated that he wanted the breathing tube removed, and did not want it reinserted, even if it meant he would die within hours. 

Everything about this is horrible—the fall, the paralysis, the decision to die, and gradual death by asphyxiation. 

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Jan 14, 2014

My own history does not sensitize me to matters of power, control and authority. I have never been dominated or controlled harshly by anyone. Power was not obvious in my parent’s home, and by nature I think “we are all in this together.” My children have said that I can be controlling, but I think they are identifying my inner OCD and an uncharacteristic interest in neatness as I get older rather than any oppressive tendencies.

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Ed Welch  - Video  - Jan 13, 2014

Ed on Shame Interrupted. Click here to purchase.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Dec 20, 2013

I hope this does not seem self-indulgent. It is simply a short story about love.

When I was growing up, my parents would ask me what I wanted for Christmas. I only remember asking for two things. In third grade I asked for a trumpet, which I still blow, after I clean off the peanut butter streaks and dry slobber on the mouthpiece left by grandchildren. In twelfth grade I asked for the Duane Allman double anthology record album. 

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Ed Welch  - JBC Article  - Dec 17, 2013

This intense, but biblically conservative book, gives voice to the painful and lonely angst of same sex desire, while offering a biblical pattern of thought and life for the struggle. Reviewer Ed Welch finds value here for both those who wrestle with same sex desire and those who do not. He cautions that the book’s intensity may be challenging for some readers, and he raises a concern about one of its doctrinal positions. 

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Dec 12, 2013

“Almighty God, why have you done this to us? Have you no heart, no feelings? Have you no eyes to see with? Have you no ears to hear us with? You are wicked, O Lord, as wicked as a man.”

These are the words of a Jewish man who was watching people die while being driven in a dank, vomit and blood-laden, over-crowded truck from a ghetto in Hungary to Auschwitz. He had entered the extremes of human pain. Though laconic by nature, he could not hold back. He had to speak this anti-psalm.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Dec 04, 2013

A recent article targeted the movie industry for lagging behind television in its depiction of homosexual and lesbian heroes. No doubt there will be television and movie parity on this indicator in the next couple years.

Articles like this offer us another occasion to consider how we think about such things. Here are a few thoughts.

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Ed Welch  - Video  - Nov 26, 2013

Ed Welch sits down and discusses how biblical counselors should think about secular psychotherapies.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Nov 19, 2013

An update on my own fears.[1]  A few months ago, I had a panic attack. Its appetite continues to be insatiable. More, more! Fears love to keep encroaching into everyday life. It’s as if a black hole lives inside of you. Life and even sleep are sucked into it.

Here are some things that have helped and some things I am learning.

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Ed Welch  - Event  - Nov 15, 2013

SEMBEQ, Montréal, Québec, Canada

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