Ed Welch

Ed Welch  - Premium Resource  - May 20, 2013

Ed Welch’s “When God Touches the Untouchables” speaks words of life into the experience of shame. This article portrays an inconceivably wonderful resolution to the problem of shame. 

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Ed Welch  - Premium Resource  - May 20, 2013

Ethan Watters’s Crazy Like Us discusses how the American mental health model has been exported to other countries, and various ways it has been received or rejected. Cross-cultural analyses help us to better understand our own cultural context.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - May 16, 2013

A friend sent me a copy of Jon Ronson’s book, The Psychopath Test: A Journey through the Madness Industry. He just wanted my opinion of the book, I think. (But it did remind me of another friend who gave me a six-pack of Tic-Tacs for my birthday.)

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - May 07, 2013

Dreams are among the great oddities of human experience. They are bizarre juxtapositions of events of the day, personal anxieties, divine intrusions, side effects of medication, and random neuronal firings triggered by a late evening meal. We can rightly interpret them as either profound or meaningless, though it is hard to distinguish between the two.

Like most people, I dream whether I know it or not. A few I remember for a moment when I wake up in the middle of the night, others stay with me longer.

Recently I had two dreams on the same night.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - May 01, 2013

Resistance seems like an odd thing: someone asks for counsel but then doesn’t listen to it. It sounds like a straightforward case of hard-heartedness. But there may be other reasons why counselees don’t listen.

Here are two.

1. Counselors offer ill-suited counsel

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CCEF, Ed Welch, Julie E. Lowe, Mike Emlet, Paul David Tripp, Winston Smith  - Premium Resource  - Apr 30, 2013

Parenting so often can feel confusing and overwhelming.  We want Biblical wisdom and yet we are not sure where to turn.  This bundle contains refreshing, honest and wise counsel directly from Scripture on how to approach our children with God’s agenda and not our own.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Apr 22, 2013

The recent bombings at the Boston Marathon have been an echo of 9/11 for us. 

Here is the humanity—the reflections of God—that we have witnessed.


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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Apr 15, 2013

I will never forget the first time suicide came close to me. I met with a young woman who was leaving her mission work in Eastern Europe. She was haunted by an experience but could not even talk about it—my guess was that she was burdened by an inappropriate relationship with a young man who lived there. 

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Apr 08, 2013

Counselors have opportunities to see patterns that emerge among people. Here, I think, is a pattern among men—not all men, but more than you might think. 

“When my wife talks about our relationship—or anything else—and goes on for very long, I want to listen, but I go on overload pretty quick and soon don’t understand a word she is saying.”

Many men have their limits.

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Ed Welch  - Blog Post  - Apr 02, 2013

I saw a billboard on the way to the airport that read:  Thou shalt not commit adultery. It advertised a website that specialized in extra-marital sexual connections for those interested in a little cheating.

 I am speechless. 

Perhaps I am a prudish, self-righteous Bible thumper mired in some version of an old Christian America that is fading away. So I will let someone else speak.

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