CCEF  - Curriculum  - Apr 27, 2016

NEW! Loss—A biblical approach to understanding how God transforms our sorrows is the second in a new series of curriculum. In this particular package, you will receive one individual workbook only.

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CCEF  - Blog Post  - Apr 19, 2016

Taking courses through CCEF’s online School of Biblical Counseling has been immensely valuable to my soul, to my family, and for my ministry to others. While working full-time and serving as an elder in my church, I began taking courses back in 2011. And I've slowly soaked in each of the classes ever since. “Life-changing,” though it perhaps sounds cliché, is truly an accurate descriptor for these courses. I really mean that.

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CCEF  - Blog Post  - Dec 27, 2015
By: Nan Powlison

If you have ever been to a great Broadway show you realize that more than 3/4 of the expertise and effort is going on backstage. All the people in lighting, costume and scenery, props, make-up and prompting, even the director are not visible to the audience during a show. Then the play comes and goes in an hour or so, but the backstage people have been working for months, maybe years, to make this play happen.

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CCEF  - Premium Resource  - Dec 11, 2015

The Biblical Soul Care Bundle contains 53 digital articles from the Journal of Biblical Counseling. This collection of articles contains those used in the Equipped to Counsel program, a church based training curriculum that serves as an introduction and gateway to biblical counseling, along with an additional 7 articles used in the Uncommon Leadership 501 course. This product was originally developed for Harvest Bible Chapel Soul Care.

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CCEF  - Curriculum  - Nov 16, 2015

There are no pat answers or quick fixes for the kind of brokenness that psychiatric disorders describe. People struggling with complex problems hurt deeply, feel socially isolated, and are often misunderstood. They need help with both personal and interpersonal problems. What does it look like to enter into the world of a troubled person? What do diagnostic labels mean for strugglers and for those who want to help? What goes into restoring and rebuilding a life?

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CCEF  - Premium Resource  - Sep 22, 2015

A ​vibrant ​church ​community ​is ​dependent ​on ​us ​being ​both ​needy ​and ​needed. ​So ​we ​want ​to ​grow ​in ​how ​we ​ask ​for ​help ​and ​how ​we ​give ​help. ​This ​conference ​is ​designed ​to ​guide ​us ​in ​those ​skills, ​with ​a ​focus ​on ​how ​these ​work ​in ​everyday ​friendships. ​Even ​in ​our ​professional ​culture, ​God ​is ​pleased ​to ​use ​needy ​people ​and ​ordinary ​conversations ​to ​do ​most ​of ​the ​heavy ​lifting ​in ​his ​kingdom. ​It’s ​the ​perfect ​system.

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CCEF  - Premium Resource  - Oct 08, 2014

Over the course of the conference we collected questions from the attendees and the faculty responded to these questions during this discussion time.

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CCEF  - Premium Resource  - Oct 07, 2014

General Session 1 – All Is Lost - (Powlison)
General Session 2 – I Will Bear Witness - (Lambert)
General Session 3 – Speaking Our Losses and Finding Refuge (Groves)
General Session 4 –  Partners in Suffering and Comfort - (Emlet)
General Session 5 - In it Together - Faculty Panel
General Session 6 - Loss: The Only Door to God (Smith)

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CCEF  - Book  - Jan 24, 2014

Heart of the Matter: Daily Reflections for Changing Hearts and Lives

Change that goes deeper than the surface of our lives happens over the long haul as we daily remember and connect the truths of the gospel to our lives. Every day we need to be reminded—in different ways—that Jesus, God’s own Son, came to this world to save us from sin, sorrow, and death. The promises of God, which are all “yes” in Jesus, change the way we view ourselves, our circumstances, and other people.

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CCEF  - Premium Resource  - Oct 16, 2013

Here are the remaining sessions.

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